About Lois Brandt

Lois Brandt teaches writers of all ages, helping her students tell the stories they hold
close to their hearts. Her short fiction has appeared in Highlights and other fine children’s magazines. Years ago, Lois peeked into her best friend’s refrigerator and found empty shelves and one small carton of milk; her friend’s family didn’t have enough money to buy food. Maddi’s Fridge, Lois’ first picture book, is the result of that moment.

Lois served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon, West Africa, and continues to travel widely. She has an MFA from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. Lois teaches creative writing at Bellevue College Continuing Education and gives talks about writing to children and adults at local schools, libraries, and writing organizations. Lois lives near Seattle with her husband, assorted kids, two dogs, and a fluffy cat who thinks he’s a dog.


1 thought on “About Lois Brandt

  1. Is there anyway that I may write to you personally. I am an elementary librarian, an author, and a former classroom teacher. I have over 26 years in the elementary school setting. However, I am Maddi, or was Maddi. Is it possible to write to you privately? My email will be included with this post. Please respond if you possibly can. Your posts have touched me more than you know.

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